5 Types of Driveway Gates and Their Benefits

November 20, 2023
5 Types of Driveway Gates and Their Benefits

A driveway gate can offer functionality, privacy, and security. The gates also complement home aesthetics and raise property value. At Southland Fence & Supply, we design and install custom driveway gates for homeowners and businesses. Here’s an overview of five types of driveway gates and their benefits:

1. Slide Gates

The slide driveway gate is a classic design. Sliding gates can offer greater privacy if you choose wrought iron, steel, and wooden designs. You can also find elegant aluminum and composite slide gates if you fancy something more lightweight.

Sliding gates are elegant and can move along a straight or curving space. The design looks great with various homes and offers a stylish choice for large, small, and irregular entrances. You can have one static and one moving gate panel or two panels that move both ways.

2. Automated Gates

Electric or automated gates can be operated using cards, keypads, key fobs, and hands-free technologies. You can use voice, facial recognition, swipe cards, and remote authorization to open or close the gate. We can help you install wooden, vinyl, aluminum, or steel electric gates.

Wooden gates tend to look luxurious and can offer improved privacy. Automated aluminum gates tend to have sleek, lightweight designs, while steel doors are known to be heavy and durable. Southland Fence & Supply can help you determine the ideal choice for your project.

3. Swing Gates

Swing gates feature a single piece designed in your chosen material. The gates can be made to open inward like standard bedroom doors to avoid stretching beyond your property. You can also find double swing gates, which feature two gate pieces.

Double or bi-fold swing doors are ideal for large entrances because they halve the clearance space required. The two gate pieces can swing in the same or opposite directions. One gate can remain closed while the other is swung open, or the two can move simultaneously.

4. Chain Link Gates

A chain link gate is a low-cost and durable option for residential and commercial driveways. You can also use them for schools, hospitals, and all types of properties. The design is endlessly customizable, with unique styles and sizes to choose from.

Chain link gates can be single-swing, double-swing, sliding, or pivot gates. The chain links are soldered to sturdy steel posts that give the gate its framework. While chain link fencing provides less privacy, it makes up for it with affordability and customization.

5. Wrought Iron Gates

Wrought iron gates offer maximum strength, durability, and security. The gates can feature spikes on the top and come in customizable designs and colors. Wrought iron driveway gates can provide a strong line of defense against various intruders.

The gates are durable and cost-effective but don’t offer the same level of privacy as other gate types. You can use them to give your home a classic, vintage appeal. Consider automating them for modern high-tech conveniences like hands-free and remote operation.

Customize Your Driveway Gate Today

Driveway gates can add style, personality, and privacy to your property. At Southland Fence & Supply, we install high-quality residential and commercial fences and gates across Houston and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to learn more about our custom fencing and gate solutions.