6 Signs It’s Time to Re-stain Your Wooden Fence

July 10, 2023
6 Signs It’s Time to Re-stain Your Wooden Fence

To keep your wood fence and wood fence gate looking beautiful and functioning the way you want, you’ll need to re-stain it periodically. Staining the wood preserves it and prevents rotting and warping while also maintaining the beauty of the fence. To know when it’s time to call Southland Fence & Supply for staining, consider the following signs:

1. Worn Out Fencing

If you notice that your fence doesn’t have the same curb appeal as it once did, you may want to schedule service with us for re-staining. As the stain fades, it can leave your outdoor space looking tired and dull, especially in areas that receive a lot of sunlight. Wood will fade into a grayish color when it’s left out in the elements. The outer layers are worn down, leaving an unpleasant hue. You may notice it on the side that gets the most rain and sunlight.

Once you stain the wood, it can return to its former beauty and be less susceptible to fading for several years. A new stain can brighten your outdoor area and draw attention, especially if you choose a different shade. Your old stain may look dated. If you decide to go lighter or darker, it can bring new life to your fence.

2. Mold or Mildew Growth

A stain protects your wood fence from damage by the elements, such as rain and snow. Mold and mildew are two of the biggest problems for wood. As water seeps into the wood, it can lead to mold if it doesn’t dry out quickly. Mold and mildew can spread to the entire fence if left untreated. If you have begun to see patches of black or dark green on your fence, it’s a sign that you need to re-stain it. You’ll need to have the fence cleaned to remove the mold before applying the stain. The team at Southland Fence & Supply offers both residential and commercial wood fence staining services.

3. Sagging and Warping Planks

When wood absorbs moisture, it expands. If the weather is dry, the wood will contract. This constant contracting and expansion can cause the wood to warp or sag. You may also notice the nails or screws pulling out of the wood because of the changes. Staining your fence won’t fix the warped or sagging boards, but it can help prevent further damage. We can replace any boards that are too badly damaged to use without replacing the entire fence.

4. Damaged Wood Gate

Your wood fence gate is also susceptible to damage. As it expands and contracts from too much moisture or a lack of moisture, your gate may be harder to swing. It may even start to pull loose from the hinges and hang at an odd angle. Since the gate is the most used part of your fence, you’ll want to have it inspected for signs that it needs a new stain. Our team can also replace your gate if it’s beyond repair without replacing the rest of the fence.

5. Rotting Boards

Boards that are exposed to water will start to rot in time. If you didn’t notice the earlier signs of decay, you may see the edges of some of the boards weaken and break off. Part of the wood may give when you put pressure against it. Even though staining the fence won’t fix the issue, it can prevent further damage. Here at Southland Fence & Supply, we can come out and inspect your fence and provide a quote on the cost of repairs and staining. We can replace the damaged boards and stain them to match the rest of the fence, which is a less expensive option than replacing the entire fence.

6. You Are Moving

Another sign that it might be time to re-stain your wood fence is that you’re thinking about selling your home. A well-cared-for wood fence can add value to your property. Re-staining your fence is an inexpensive way to update the property, and it may help you get a better price when you sell. Your fence is a valuable part of the curb appeal of your home. It’s what many potential buyers will see first. We can look at your existing fence and provide you with recommendations on how to make it look new again before you list your property for sale.

Protect Your Wood Fence Gate With a New Stain

The Southland Fence & Supply team recommends re-staining your fence every three to five years unless you notice signs that it needs work sooner. A well-cared-for fence can go a long way in providing enhanced curb appeal for your home. Our professionals can stain your fence and gate to match the original color or update it with a new shade. Contact us for a free quote to stain your wood fence.