Benefits of Cedar Fences

June 04, 2023
Benefits of Cedar Fences

You take pride in the outside appearance of your house, and you want your new fence to reflect that. There are so many options with so many different benefits that it can be hard to choose the right one for you. One material you might’ve encountered while shopping around for fences is cedar.

But is cedar good for fences? Yes! If you’re looking for a highly durable and cost-effective option, cedar fences are the perfect choice for you. Learn our five reasons why you should use cedar for your new fence.

They’re Durable

A quality fence will enhance your property’s curb appeal now, and it should do so for years to come. If you want a natural fence that also comes with reliable durability, cedarwood is the perfect type of fence for you. If properly maintained, cedar fences last far longer than other fencing options. And that durability comes through in various ways:

  • Resistant to pests: Cedarwood contains natural oils that repel pests. You won’t have to worry about termites, mosquitoes, ants and other insects invading your fencing.
  • Resistant to rot: The natural oils in cedar also make it resistant to rot. Your fence will maintain its appearance and structural integrity through moist conditions.
  • Resistant to warping: Cedar fences are resistant to warping and shrinking due to their density. That benefit means your fences can look the same over time.

Essentially, all of this means that cedar fencing is an excellent long-term investment for fencing shoppers such as yourself. After you pay the initial cost for the fencing, you will continue to reap the benefits years into the future!

They Require Minimal Maintenance

Some wooden fences require tons of additional maintenance to stay in good condition over time. Based on the durability alone, one of the main benefits of cedar fencing is its need for minimal maintenance compared to other wooden fence options.

Most wooden fences require constant monitoring for splinters, cracks, warping and rot. In today’s fast-paced environment, very few people have the time or determination to check their fences constantly.

Cedar fencing is different. Its high durability and natural oils make it resistant to a lot of the upkeep that the typical wooden fence needs. Natural oils keep moisture out of the wood, repel pests and insects, and offer other benefits that save you time and money.

At the very least, all you would need to keep up with your cedar fence is a protective coating every few years. Then, you can go about your days with a fence that will stand the test of time! While it’s recommended to still check for splinters and breaks in the fencing, you’re not required to do it nearly as often as other wooden fences.

Easy maintenance and high durability are two benefits of cedar fences that explain why more and more people are using cedarwood for their fences. More durable and low-maintenance fencing means you save money over time and get to keep quality and luxurious fences with little to no extra work.

They Offer Natural And Customizable Beauty

If the durability and low maintenance requirements of cedar fences aren’t enough to convince you to get cedar fences, think about their beautiful aesthetic.

Cedarwood has a highly desirable and natural look, which is perfect for those who want a unique fence for their homes. Its uniform color and distinct knot patterns are the main draws that attract thousands of homeowners to install cedar fences. The best part is that you don’t even have to stain your cedar fence. The natural color is already highly desirable.

But cedar comes with another benefit that enhances its beauty — the wood accepts stains very well, offering the ultimate customizability. Staining can add a unique look to your fence and is recommended to ensure it fits your house’s style. If done right, staining can last years and continue to make your home the bright spot on the block.

If you go natural, you can typically enjoy a rich, warm color with your cedar fencing. Cedarwood often has red or pink shades that suit everything from a contemporary home to more classic styles. Over time, cedarwood does start to gray without staining. However, many homeowners take pride in the gradual silvery coloring of their fence.

They Provide A Sound Barrier

Privacy is essential for any homeowner. One of the benefits of cedar fences is their natural ability as a sound barrier. Due to the density of cedarwood, especially when you install cedar wood privacy fences, any unwanted sound is blocked from coming through either side of the fence. So, your cedar fence can block out the noise of loud neighbors while ensuring your backyard stays away from prying eyes.

This benefit also makes cedar fencing perfect for homes close to busy roads. If you avoided relaxing on your porch or patio or transforming your backyard into an oasis, a sound-dampening cedar fence will help.

They’re Resistant To Various Climates

One last benefit of cedar fencing is its resistance to extreme heat and cold. Due to the natural oils contained in the wood, cedarwood fences are excellently insulated and remain at the ideal temperature during cold months or warm months. For those living in states known for being incredibly hot, such as Texas, this is an effective option to ensure your fence isn’t hot to the touch and can make your backyard space even safer for children, pets or even yourself!

That climate resistance ties into the durability of cedar fencing. Because cedar can resist rot and warping, it’s also suitable in fluctuating temperatures and rain.

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