Best Type Of Fencing Material For Pet Owners

May 15, 2024

If you own a pet and home, you are likely to consider all your residential decisions based around your pets and you. While fences should provide privacy and security to your home, it should also provide a non- claustrophobic and welcoming environment for your pets. Alongside considerations regarding finances, longevity and durability – let’s talk about suitable fencing materials. In this article, we have listed some types of fence materials and their pros and cons!

Pet Friendly Fences – What To Expect

Fence installation is a form of investment for homeowners in Houston, TX. It should provide enough security to prevent them from running away, while also giving them a sense of outdoors.

Considering the right material for your fence is also important for the wellbeing of pets. It ought to be sturdy to ensure your pets don’t chew them off. Nor should it be hard or pointy that your pets might get hurt. When choosing a pet-friendly fence option, there are multiple options that qualify!

Chain Link Fence

This type of fencing material consists of metal posts spaced evenly throughout your yard with thick wire mesh attached to it. It is not only weather resistant but long lasting. You can decide on the height depending on your needs. It will not obstruct your view while keeping pets within the demarcated territory.

Wood Fence

Made with tall slat boards, typically 6 feet tall or more provide both privacy and security for household members and pets. However, they can be an expensive option and require more maintenance to avoid rotting. Speaking in terms of pet friendliness – while it can be a suitable option it can be prone to pet chew’s and damage as compared to other types.

Aluminum Fence

This fence consists of vertical stands with uniform spaces between. These pickets are attached through horizontal bars – top, bottom and middle. Aluminum fences require specialized engineering to maximize strength depending on the space between bars. They can be a durable and pet friendly option!

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl is a popularly known fence material used by homeowners in Houston, TX. It comprises vertical bars, durable hardware and reinforced rails for a long lasting and durable installation. There is no need for additional painting, staining or sealing in this type of fencing material.

Faux Stone Fence

Pet owners in Houston, TX, faux stone fencing can also be your best bet. You can use real or fabricated stones to mark your territory and build a fence around. This is an aesthetically pleasing and durable option. You can also go for a combination of fabricated stone and aluminum fence to achieve height and security.

Installing Pet Friendly Fences

Fences don’t necessarily mean covering your entire property. Professional fence installation experts can provide valuable insights on installation type. Options for your fence layout can include the following:

  • Perimeter loop: Fence goes around your entire property.
  • Hourglass: Two separate fences, each for a front and back yard.
  • One Zone: Fence line covers one zone of the property, either front or back.
  • Landscape Loop: Separate fence for your landscape, pool or other elements.

Final Words

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