Choosing a Fence That Complements Your Home

June 27, 2023
Choosing a Fence That Complements Your Home

When choosing a fence, you want to pick one that complements your home. Fences can provide privacy and security while adding to your home’s curb appeal. The right fence will match your home’s architectural style and landscape and meet your security needs. Southland Fence & Supply is a fence company that can help you find and install the perfect fence for your home.

How To Choose the Right Fence for Your Home

Every home is different, and you want to make sure your fence matches your lawn and home. Fences aren’t one size fits all and can vary in size and style. When you are choosing the right fence for your home, consider these aspects:

Determine the Purpose of Your Fence

Before deciding on a fence, you should determine the purpose that you want your fence to serve. If you want it to provide privacy, consider a solid panel fence or a tall board-on-board fence. You can go for stone or iron if you want a more sophisticated look.

You can explore decorative options if you are interested in a fence to add a decorative element to your home or increase your curb appeal. The purpose of your fence can ultimately help decide the material you use, the height of the fence, and visual aspects such as color.

Consider Different Materials

Different fence materials can do more than fulfill a specific purpose. The material affects the look and aesthetic, the cost of the fence, and its durability. They also have different maintenance levels, which can be helpful to consider. Here are some materials that you can choose from when shopping with Southland Fence & Supply:

  • Wood: Wood is one of the most popular materials used in fencing because of its affordability and beauty. It’s timeless, natural, and durable. We choose a grade 2 or higher cedar, meaning it is smoother with fewer knots and holes than many other wood fence options on the market.
  • Iron and Aluminum: Iron and aluminum are versatile and durable. We also have different unique designs that you can choose from. We take measures to make sure our iron resists fading and corrosion, and aluminum naturally resists rust, so these metals are a low-maintenance option.
  • Brick and Stone: Brick and stone are durable materials with aesthetic appeal. When you add a stone or brick fence to your home, you increase the value of your property and help create a solid boundary.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl is clean, sleek, and available in different styles and colors. It is low maintenance. We like to describe it as being as strong as wood while being versatile like iron.

Consider Your Home’s Architectural Style

If you want to choose the best fence for your home, then you need to consider its specific architectural style. This will help you choose a fence that aligns with the character of your home. Whether your home is a classic Victorian, modern minimalist design, rustic farmhouse, or charming cottage, you should look for a fence that complements those architectural elements. Try to match your home’s lines, materials, and details – this can help make sure that your fence matches the aesthetic of your home and add to its charm rather than clash with it.

Think About Different Finishes

You aren’t limited to only finish or color when choosing a fence. There are many different finish options for wood fences and different designs and patterns for metal fences. You can paint wood fences any color that you choose. A well-chosen color can create visual harmony between your house and your fence. You can choose a color that blends with your existing color palette or a contrasting color to make a statement.

Look at Your Neighborhood

While your neighbor’s home may not look exactly like yours, neighborhoods often have similar architecture or styling. If you live in a community with uniform fencing styles, choose a fence that matches or complements the existing fences in your neighborhood. If you live in an HOA, getting a specific style or type of fence may be required. You can also choose to be original and choose a different fence style from your neighbors. Consider the landscaping, neighboring homes, and your natural surroundings when choosing a fence so that you select one that goes well with your environment.

Hire a Fence Company To Help You Choose the Best Fence

If you are having a hard time choosing a fence that would complement your home, then consider hiring a fence company like Southland Fence & Supply to help you. We have professional experience in the fencing industry and can help you decide between all of the options. We can go through our materials and finishes to help you find your favorite style. If you live in Houston, contact us today to see our fencing options.