Do I Need A Permit To Build A Fence In Houston?

February 29, 2024

Are you considering installing a fence around your residential property in Southland, TX? While material, cost and labor are important questions to ask, familiarizing yourself with the relevant laws and community regulations is also equally important. This will determine that your fence installation project is compliant with the legal rules and laws.

Texas does not have any prohibitory laws against fence installation around owned properties. However, there are still limitations around fence construction including height, materials and location, maintenance, repair and liability of damages caused by owned fences. We have listed down a few important considerations for your future fence installation project.

What is Good Neighbor Fence Law?

In Texas, home property owners are responsible for building and maintaining their fences. However, if the fence is shared between neighbors, the cost is also split between two. There can be personal agreements to take care of their sides of the fences independently, given that it is agreed in writing form. This form of mutual agreement is known as good neighbor fence law.

Fence Height Limitation

Texas law has restricted the height of residential fences to eight feet, except if the fence is located in industrial or commercial areas. In those cases, the height of the fence can go up to ten feet.

Fence Location

There is no law or regulation against constructing a fence boundary around your house in Texas. However, it is important to note the guidelines on community and local level. Your fence construction shouldn’t be a source of inconvenience to others. Apart from that, your fence cannot be built on a public property nor can it exceed your property line. Construction projects must take the distance from the street and sidewalk into account as well.

Fence Maintenance

Fence owners are legally responsible to maintain their fences on a regular basis and lookout for necessary repairs. If your fences cause any damages to your neighbors or public property, it is the fence owners responsibility to pay for any liabilities.

Dispute Resolution

If there are any disputes that arise during or after the construction of your fence, each has to be addressed on a legal level with providing relevant resolutions to each.

In Conclusion

It is important to recognize and understand the legal and communal guidelines before installing a fence around your property. Failure to comply with these laws can result in financial and legal penalties by neighbors or any authoritative body.

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