FAQs About Wooden Fences

June 27, 2023
FAQs About Wooden Fences

Wood fence gates are a popular option for homeowners looking to add privacy, security, and aesthetic appeal to their property. First-time fence owners may naturally find that they have questions about wood fences and the building process. Below are some frequently asked questions and answers about wood fences:

What Types of Wood Are Used for Wood Fences?

Common wood types used in fencing include cedar, pine, redwood, cypress, and spruce. The different types of wood each have different properties to consider when choosing one for a fence. Each has its own hardness, durability, and aesthetic, but all can make effective fences. Cedar is a particular specialty of the team at Southland Fence & Supply, where we specifically select wood graded to have a minimum of knots and holes.

How Long Do Wood Fences Last?

The lifespan of a wood fence depends on the type of wood, climate, and maintenance. A well-maintained wood fence in an environment suited to the species of wood can last decades. Softwood fences have shorter lifespans than hardwood fences but are easier to work with and customize. As you select wood for your fence, consult with your installer about its lifespan so that your fence meets expectations.

Do I Need a Permit To Install a Fence?

Permit requirements relating to fencing vary based on local laws and regulations. Common permit requirements address fence height or position relative to property lines. If your fence is installed by professionals from our Southland Fence & Supply team, we will secure the necessary permits. Contractors will let you know if there are permit variants that you need to secure personally.

How Often Should I Stain or Paint My Wood Fence?

Paint and wood stain can provide a sealing effect to your fence, protecting it from the elements and deterioration. Both stain and paint fade over time, so refreshing them every few years can help extend your fence’s lifespan. The exact frequency of staining or painting needed depends on the type of wood and climate. You can ask the Southland Fence & Supply experts for more insight on when to repaint or stain.

Will My Wood Fence Warp, Twist, or Rot?

Wood fences are more susceptible to warping, twisting, and rotting than other fencing materials. The likelihood of any of these issues occurring depends largely on the environment. Choosing wood suited for your particular environment, proper installation, and regular maintenance can minimize these issues.

Can I Install a Wood Fence Myself?

While it is quite possible to install a wood fence yourself, it can be a challenging and time-consuming process. Hiring a professional installer like Southland Fence & Supply affords you an expertly installed fence with minimal demands on your time. Our professional installation is efficient and enhanced by extensive knowledge about ideal wood choices and design recommendations.

How Much Does a Wood Fence Cost?

With the variety in property sizes, fence heights, and types of wood, fence costs can vary significantly. Wood fence gates also come in many styles that impact costs. To help buyers navigate budgeting for a new fence, Southland Fence & Supply offers free estimates on costs, covering materials and installation. Financing options are also available to make buying a fence more affordable.

Are Wood Fences Environmentally Friendly?

Compared to other fence materials, wood fences are more environmentally friendly. Wood fences made from sustainably harvested wood are a particularly eco-friendly fencing option. When seeking to maintain an environmentally friendly fence, owners will also need to consider the materials and treatments used on the fence to minimize chemical impact.

Can I Add Design Elements to My Wood Fence Gate?

There are several design elements you can add to your fence gate, such as latticework or arbors. Decorative post caps and lattice work can also be done along the length of the fence to enhance its appearance. If you are interested in including decorative design elements but aren’t sure which ones, the Southland Fence & Supply team can provide insight from our experience in fence designs.

What Are the Benefits of a Wood Fence?

Part of the popularity of wood fences is that they offer a natural and attractive appearance, on top of providing privacy. A wood fence also functions as a barrier that can deter intrusion or trespassing. Quality fencing can potentially enhance the appeal of your property enough to increase its value, making it a good investment.

Consider a Wood Fence for Your Property

Alongside modern artificial materials, wood remains a popular and versatile fencing solution for homeowners. Though it can feel overwhelming to choose a fence for the first time, the questions and answers listed above may help you prepare. With a better understanding of wood fence benefits, maintenance, and design, you can make informed decisions about your wood fence installation. The Southland Fence & Supply team is also here to help, with expert advice on materials and design choices and decades of installation experience. Contact us today to get a free, no-obligation estimate for your fencing project.