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At Southland Fence & Supply, our farm fence contractors combine innovation with quality to provide you with valuable solutions. Secure the livestock and invest in a fencing system designed specifically for your farm, meeting its size, shape, and other requirements. You can contact us for farm fencing and installation in Houston, TX, today!

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    Types of Suitable Farm Fences

    Our farm fence contractors in Houston understand that you have a vision and goal for your farm; we are here to make it a reality. We provide many farm fencing alternatives, depending on your requirements regarding security, what you need to protect, and your ideal durability. Here are some farm fencing and installation options we provide:

    • Barbed Wire: Thanks to the barbs found in the fence, your livestock will steer clear of the fence and stay within the property. It provides proper containment without putting the animals at risk!
    • Woven Wire: You can consider woven wire fences to keep the livestock away from the fences and strengthen the security of your property. Generally, these fences are too high for the animals to jump over or reach the fence. 
    • Mesh Wire: Does your farm contain priced breeds or a large volume of livestock? Mesh wires might be the ideal choice for you. The mesh does not harm the animal, even if it comes too close to the fence.
    • Rail Fences: If you are looking for a border fence that prevents the cattle from getting out, our livestock fence contractor in Houston might suggest rail fences. They are usually composed of PVC, wood, and vinyl, which makes them durable. 
    • Electric Fences: You can also opt for electric fences for your farm, whether you are looking for a temporary option or a permanent one. Keep in mind, though, that these fences are wired to an electric current and might hurt any animal or person that approaches the fence. You can consult our fencing experts!

    Questions About Farm Fencing and Installation?

    We Will Help You Choose the Ideal Fencing Material

    The material of your fence can play a significant role in the security and other aspects of your farm. Each material has different properties, and we will help you pick one that is suitable for your area as well as intended use.

    Metal, such as iron and aluminum, are sturdy materials that are a popular fence option for farms. Moreover, zinc and other minerals are used to coat the metal, preventing the fence from rusting and corrosion. Since they are flexible to use and do not damage easily, metal fences might make an excellent choice when it comes to security.

    When you consult our farm fence contractor in Houston for affordable and easy-to-use options, they might also recommend vinyl and wood fences. We will check your location to determine which type of fence is most suitable for your requirements. You can count on us to provide high-quality and durable fences for your farm.

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    After looking at multiple options we chose Southland, which turned out to be the best decision ever. The team was fast and finishings were clean.

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    We chose Southland Fence to replace a wooden fence. IT wasn't a big job, but Southland treated us like we were valued customers. They were prompt, did a great job and left the yard in good shape. Everything we could have wanted.

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    Have used Southland Fence twice in the last two years and they did good work both times. The fence sections were constructed as agreed to and are very well done. They are also very prompt with addressing questions.

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    Very excited for our new fence. South land did a great job and were very professional! Ken the Project Manager took care of all of our needs and last second changes and Buck the salesman was very knowledgeable and professional as well. If I need anything fence related again, it will be with Southland!

    Thomas Marsh

    Advantages of Livestock Fences

    We recommend livestock fences for multiple reasons. The most significant benefit is that fences enhance livestock safety, keeping it in the designated area. This way, you do not have to worry about your animals wandering into hazardous terrain.

    You also have control over where your animals graze, and you can implement rotational grazing if you have the right fencing strategy. Furthermore, our farm fence contractors recommend durable options in Houston that keep your crop and property safe from the livestock as well!

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