Finding the Right Kind of Wood for Your Fencing Installation

December 07, 2023
Finding the Right Kind of Wood for Your Fencing Installation

When you’re ready for a new fence, you’ll want to find the right type of wood for your project. Each type of wood has its benefits as well as its issues. You can consult us at Southland Fence & Supply when deciding the type of wood you want for your wood fence installation. Ask the following question to choose the right kind of wood for your fence:

What Is Your Fence For?

Before choosing the type of wood you want for your fence, consider the reason for your wood fence installation. It can be for commercial use, to keep your property private, or for decorative purposes. This can help you determine which fence and wood best suit your needs.

What Weather Does Your Geographic Area Face?

Consider the weather in your area before choosing a type of wood fence. Rain, snow, wind, and other weather conditions can wear down your wood. Some types of wood can endure severe weather more than others. Different types of wood may need weather protection and sealant to remain in good condition. Sun exposure can also reduce the appearance and quality of your fence. Choose a type of wood that can withstand the weather in your geographic area, or make sure you seal the wood to keep it safe.

What Is Your Budget?

Your budget can be a determining factor in the type of wood you choose because wood prices vary. High-quality wood like redwood may cost you more upfront than low-quality wood like pine. While high-quality wood may cost you more upfront, it will last longer if treated correctly. More durability can reduce the repair and labor costs of your wood fence. Lower-quality wood may be less expensive initially, but you’ll need to seal it, which can cost more in the long run.

What Do You Want Your Fence To Look Like?

Ask yourself what color or finish you’d like to have on your fence. Your aesthetic can depend on many factors, including your geographic location, what your fence surrounds, and your personal preferences. You can choose from darker woods like Ebony or Mahogany, or you can select White Oak and Pine wood that are in the light wood category. If pure wood doesn’t match your aesthetic, consider a wood stain that can stain your wood in a darker shade that suits you best.

How Big Will Your Fence Be? Will You Need a Gate?

Determine how big your fence will need to be, as it can help you determine the type of wood you want. Smaller fences may look better with smaller pieces of wood, while fences that cover more surface area may look better with bigger ones. Consider whether or not you will need a gate to choose hardware for

Wood Fence Installation

Consider choosing Southland Fence & Supply for your wood fence installation. We can help determine the most suitable type of wood for your fence. Our installers can make sure that you understand the proper maintenance of your fence and other information. Contact us today to learn more about our wood fence installation process.