How Do I Estimate the Cost of a Wood Fence?

August 18, 2023
Estimate Wood Fence

You can estimate the cost of a wood fence installation by considering various factors, including the type of wood you want and the height and length of the fence. At Southland Fence & Supply, our team of project managers and fence technicians can help you estimate the cost of your wood fence before installation. Our process includes evaluating your property, gathering measurements, and understanding your budget. Here are several things to consider when estimating the cost of your wood fence:

Determine Fence Height and Length

Start by measuring the length of the area where you want to install the wood fence. Look for any corners or changes in your landscape, such as hills or ditches, that might affect the length. You can browse different fence heights to determine which fits your privacy needs best. Taller and longer fences require more materials, so knowing the approximate height and length measurements can help estimate your total cost. Privacy fences taller than eight feet may also require a permit. Contact your local authorities to help determine what permits might be needed before your wood fence installation, as some permits may have associated fees.

Choose Wood Type and Style

When considering the type of wood for your fence, note that different wood types have varying costs and durability levels. Cedar and redwood may be more resistant to moisture and insects, while pine may be a more budget-friendly option. We can help you determine which type of wood best suits your needs based on your budget and maintenance preferences.

We also offer wood staining, which helps shield your fence from moisture and fading due to sunlight. The style of the fence can impact the total cost. Basic designs like a traditional picket fence or simple vertical slats may be more affordable than intricate lattice patterns or custom designs. Consider the style of fence you want when creating your own estimate, or contact us for a free professional approximation.

Calculate Materials Needed and Labor Costs

Calculate the cost of the materials needed by combining your total for the wood, staining materials, and other tools. Additional materials required can include posts, rails, pickets, fasteners, and concrete for post footings. If you plan to install gates along your wood fence, consider including them for a more accurate estimate.

Labor expenses may vary depending on your location, materials, and project complexity. At Southland Fence & Supply, we can provide a professional quote for your fence installation, which will remain valid for 14 days. You can also ask for a breakdown of the costs to understand how much materials and labor are estimated at.

Begin Your Wood Fence Installation Today

Estimating the cost of a wood fence involves careful consideration of various factors, such as materials, labor, design, and local regulations. You can get a realistic cost estimate by conducting thorough research, factoring in all potential expenses, or requesting a professional quote. At Southland Fence & Supply, we can help determine your wood fence installation price. Contact us today for a free estimate on your wood fence installation or to browse our other fencing options.