How To Choose The Best Fence Material For Your Houston Home

February 15, 2024

Securing your house with a fence is a great way to demarcate your territory while simultaneously bringing out a visual element and privacy to residential homes. But with that comes a few considerations of length, height, cost and material. In this blog, we will focus on the kinds of materials suitable for fencing your home in Houston.

Types of Material

Let us start off with listing a few popular fencing materials!

Wood Fence: This is a classic fencing style opted by most Americans. Not only does the material cost you the lowest but the installation is quite easy as compared to other materials. Wood fences can be customized in any style, design or size ranging from rustic, classic, chic or modern. It is durable and sustainable among all choices available but needs regular upkeep such as painting.

Chain Link Fence: Chain link fences are a one-time investment preferred for their economic advantages, durability and affordability. It is both suited for commercial and residential facilities. It does not require maintenance, is affordable and easy to install which makes it a popular choice among people looking for fencing services in Houston. It is also weatherproof meaning no sunlight or rain can damage the integrity of your fence. In order to nullify the utilitarian look, you can vinyl coat it in colors of your choice and use it for vertical gardening and decoration.

Vinyl Fence: This type of fencing is also known as plastic fencing and is also maintenance free. It is easy to keep clean and there are endless options available to choose from. Vinyl is however more expensive than wood but requires only a one-time cost. It can also lose its functional integrity due to extreme weather conditions over time. It is also prone to breaking due to extreme pressure because of its hollow construction.

Wrought Iron: Wrought iron is a hard and durable material option that lasts you for years and is most commonly used for fencing in Houston homes due to varying external weathers. It has a unique style element that adds both character and beauty to any home, requires less maintenance and comes in different colors.

Composite Fence: Another popular type of fencing material is composite. It is plastic based but can mimic the look of wood boards. It is maintenance free, relatively more expensive upfront but has a longer lifespan.

Things To Consider

While budget and other considerations are important, choosing the right material is also of great importance. Before choosing any material, here are a few points that will help you make a wise decision.

In Conclusion

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