How To Choose Where To Put Your Fence

August 18, 2023
Put Your Fence

When choosing where to place your fence, consider several factors, including the purpose of your fence, local regulations, zoning, property lines, and others. At Southland Fence & Supply, our Houston, Texas fence installation and supply experts can help you choose where to put your residential or commercial fence. Here are some things to consider when choosing where to place your fence:

What Is the Purpose of Your Fence?

Before you choose where to place your fence, consider the purpose of your fence. Ask yourself, “Is my goal to keep pets and children in a safe area?” “Do I want to create a secluded area away from my neighborhood?” “Am I creating a space for a garden or enclosing a commercial space?” Once you have the answers to questions like these, you can better understand the purpose of your fence. This can help you clearly define where you would like to place your fence on your property.

What Are the Local Regulations and Zoning Requirements?

Local regulations and zoning requirements can affect where you can place your fence. These rules can determine the height of your fence, material type, setback requirements, and other limitations. Professional fence installers can help you comply with these guidelines to avoid legal issues and potential fines. Be sure to research any fencing regulations and requirements in your area, including homeowner association guidelines.

Where Are the Property and Utility Lines?

If you are unaware of where your property line is located, our team of professionals at Southland Fence & Supply can help determine where it falls to make sure you conform to the code. Our team is also required to contact Texas 811, a free service that locates underground utility lines, before we begin a fence installation job. This is done to prevent any injuries or damage to power, gas, and water lines during our installation process. Your city may require other permits or surveys before approving a fence installation. We can provide you with this information before we begin our installation for a smoother process.

How Much Privacy Do You Want?

Before deciding where to place your fence, consider the amount of privacy you want and how that may affect what you can see from your property. Determine which areas you want the most privacy and where you can preserve your natural views. A Texas fence installer can help shield your yard from the neighborhood and place the fence strategically to maintain your property’s visibility. The fence material you choose can also determine the amount of privacy you have. Some of the most popular commercial and residential privacy fence materials include wood, iron, aluminum, brick, stone, and vinyl.

What Does Your Landscape Look Like?

A fence installer can look at your landscape and determine how the fence may interact with your landscaping. Choose a fence type that interacts well with the aesthetic of your landscape and does not hinder the natural flow of the land. Fences that are placed incorrectly can lead to erosion or flooding issues. Our team can evaluate drainage patterns on your property before installation to prevent these issues. Before choosing the type of fence and where to put it, consider any future landscaping projects you may have. Consider any plans for future changes to your property, like home additions, renovations, and other projects.

What Is the Weather Like in Your Area?

Consider factors like weather, sunlight, and wind patterns when determining where to put your fence and what materials to use. Analyze how the fence might cast shadows, block or amplify wind, or affect plant growth. If you live in an area with heavy rain or wind, consider how the fence may withstand the weather conditions. Severe heat conditions may alter your choice of fence material. Proper placement and material selection can help reduce weather-related damage to your fence. Our experts can help you choose the best material for your area’s weather conditions.

What Is Your Budget?

Consider your budget before you choose where to put your fence. Fence placement can come with additional costs for excavation, leveling, and installation services. Set a budget and consider how the chosen location might influence the project’s expenses. We can help you plan and stay within your budget by giving you a quote, but be aware that our quotes expire after 14 days. We also offer payment plans for those who need assistance paying for their fence.

Work With a Texas Fence Installer and Supplier

At Southland Fence & Supply, we can help determine the placement of your fence by understanding the purpose, local zoning requirements, permits, property lines, and other project factors. For each fence installation, whether residential or commercial, we consider privacy, material, and landscape when advising customers on the location and type of fence material. Contact us today to learn more about our fencing products and installation process.