What Types Of Wrought Iron Fence Designs Does Southland Fence Offer?

June 15, 2024

Wrought iron fences are a common choice when choosing a suitable fencing material. They provide unmatched support, durability and safety to your residential premise. But, when we speak of iron fences, a traditional spear top fence comes to mind. This is entirely false because Southland Fence & Supply offers a variety of designs in this domain. Let’s explore!

Wrought Iron Fence Designs We Offer

Southland Fence offers a variety of wrought iron fence designs. Listed below are some of them.

  • Spear top: This type of fence options features pointed tops, often resembling spears which provide a very traditional look and added security by deterring climbing.
  • Flat Top Fences: They provide a sleek and clean look with horizontal bars all the way to the top. They offer a more modern twist to traditional wrought iron designs.
  • Victorian Style: This type of wrought iron fence offers more intricate patterns, finials and elaborate design which evokes a sense of grandeur and elegance.
  • Ornamental Style: This style majorly incorporates decorative elements such as circles, motifs or other geometrical patterns giving an element of artsy.
  • Arched Top Fence: Gives a dome shape look to the fences. Uniformly curved sections provide a graceful and elegant look that enhances the overall appeal of your house.
  • High Security Fence: these fences are built around the concept of providing full security to its residents from robbery or vandalism.
  • Custom Fabricated Fences: Southland Fence & Supply also specializes in providing custom tailored solutions in wrought iron material.

Why Choose Southland Fence For Your Fencing Needs?

Durable Material: Southland fence partners with reliable vendors who supply best quality materials. Tell us your budget and material preference and we will keep a lookout for you.

Timely Delivery: Upon partnering with us, you can avail timely deliveries and completion of the project. Project delays are just so not us!

Professional Service: You can expect nothing less than professional service with Southland Fence. Our team is skilled and trained to ensure all work done at your home will last you over years to come.

Prompt Action: As soon as you secure an appointment with us, we get to action real fast. We will send our team for initial inspection and formulate a highly tailored plan of action for you.

Long Term Lookout: While we give our best first shot, we also keep a lookout for long term fence maintenance and repairs for our clients.

Budget Your Wrought Iron Fence With Southland Fence!

If you are also looking to revamp your fencing landscape, here is your call to ask for professional assistance. At Southland Fence, we will hear about your concerns and personal preferences prior to any project commitment. We will arrange an initial site visit to gather information about your fencing project. This can include the length, material, yard quality etc. Once everything is talked through, we will source the best material and bring a competent team to ensure that we deliver finely and timely.

Final Words

Wrought iron fence is a great fencing option. It is durable, aesthetic and long lasting. If you are also looking to install wrought iron fences all over your boundary, reach out to Southland Fence & Supply at (281) 355-0707 for an estimate.