Signs Your Fence Is Affected By Water Damage

April 30, 2024

A new fence installation is a practical investment on your part. Not only does it provide privacy and protection but also adds onto the aesthetic appeal and value of your house. While we have many sturdy fence material options available in the market, all of them are vulnerable to some sort of damage.

One of the main damages fences can encounter is water damage. This can occur due to various reasons such as snow, rain, irrigation systems or even sprinklers in direct contact with the fences.

Water damage can lead to deterioration of the fence material over time reducing its lifespan – negatively impacting both its structural and functional integrity.

Signs of Water Damaged Fence

A water damaged fence is clearly visible. If you have confirmed water damage by the discussed signs below, schedule a fence repair and restoration in Houston TX, for professional and guaranteed help!

  • Discoloration

    One of the first signs of water damage in fences is material discoloration. If you are noticing deviated colored patches, streaks or general change in the color of your fence spreading from one area, it is likely your fence is water infiltrated.

  • Sagging Boards

    Wooden fences are majorly susceptible to water damage. If the water damage is left unaddressed, continuous exposure to moisture can cause the material to sag overtime. If your fence boards are tilted or laid back, contact your local fencing repair services now!

  • Mold and Mildew

    Water provides the most favorable conditions for mold and mildew to thrive and breed. Under these damp circumstances, if you see any green or black patches on your fence, it is time to take action before it spreads all over.

  • Rotted Wood

    Constant water seepage and moisture can significantly damage your fence posts or boards. If, touching your fence material feels soft or crusts, it is called wood rotting. This compromises the structural integrity of your fence and poses major security risks. Rot is likely to spread over time. Which is why it is suggested to remove the affected area before it grows into a costly replacement.

  • Peeling Paint

    If your fence is painted or stained, water damage can also result in its peeling or popcorn-ing. When this proactive barrier is compromised the wood is exposed to further damage.

Ways To Address Water Damage In Fences

Here are some ways you can address the issue before it turns into a complete fence replacement project for you.

  • For minor or situated damage, replace individual boards or use pressure treated lumber for its water resistant properties.
  • In order to tackle growth of mold or mildew, scrub and clean the affected area and reseal the wood with waterproof materials.
  • In case you have found wood rotting on parts of your fence, it is time to replace the affected parts.
  • For peeled or popcorn paint, do the necessary repairs and re-do a fresh coat of paint to protect the fence from future water damage.


Southland Fence & Supply can provide the right solutions for water damaged fences depending on the material and severity. Call us at (281) 355-0707 for a preliminary visit!